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Based on a careful evaluation of every natal and progressed synastry chart collected, Westran is convinced that progressed synastry aspects are more powerful and intense than natal synastry aspects. In arriving at this conclusion he was aided by the unique format he created to graphically illustrate and track progressing synastry aspects. The aspect helped define the early years of the relationship, but the storybook romance started to unravel after the progressed aspect became exact and started to wane.

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The marriage was officially over by the time it was no longer operative in orb. At its current pace, the progressed synastry aspect will not separate until , at which time the couple will be able to rely upon other helpful aspects in both their natal and progressed synastry charts. Westran believes progressed aspects provide a fertile field for future research efforts. For example, a promising new study looks at dynamic connections between the sun and Mars in the progressed charts of world leaders. Historically, the years and were significant for Stalin and Mao because they came to power in the USSR and China as progressed Mars advanced to form a conjunction with their natal sun.

Secondary Progressions were possibly first alluded to by Johannes Kepler, but described in detail by Placidus de Titus in his book Primum Mobile in Placidus was influenced by Kepler and he referred to quintiles in his work, as aspect which was introduced by Kepler. What this means is that we know more-or-less where secondary progressions originated; however we can be less certain about the other earlier methods of direction and progression which came down from antiquity. What this tells us is that Secondary progressions are likely to have been studied a little prior to their acceptance while the earlier methods are likely to have been accepted as received wisdom by later astrologers.

We also know that none had databases able to create data models and graphic depictions of astrological patterns. We are still waiting for a study of Primary Directions that will allow them to earn the pre-eminence ascribed by Placidus and those admirers of his that followed. As it stands the far simpler and more intuitively fractal-like Secondaries occupy this position both in experimental astrology and in common practice.

This is absolutely not the case for secondary progressions and this is evidenced over and over again in the cases featured in When Stars Collide. The following books mentioned the possibility of progressions and synastry: Fred Gettings, The Arkana Dictionary of Astrology, Arkana, Marion D.

Sun enters Scorpio

Paul Westran When Stars Collide Why we love who we love and when we love them, O Books, — this book is the first dedicated solely to progressed synastry and details the scientific nature of progressed synastry aspects using a study of public record relationships. It introduced the collision graph.

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I totally get what you mean. So beautiful.

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Sometimes I get the feeling that while the boys do get along not everyone in BTS is as close to the other as they might like us to think, but these two… It looks very, very real to me. Secondly, as funny as it sounds by just watching their videos and stuff: for Jimin, Taehyung is a good shoulder to cry on I remember saying this before, that Jimin probably only truly opens up to Taehyung and Hoseok.

The amount of placements in Capricorn on his chart bring enough stability to Taehyung to not only be a loyal friend, something that Jimin needs , but also a great resource of emotional security. In general, people with strong placements in Capricorn will have long-lasting relationships with people with strong placements in Scorpio - Capricorn helping Scorpio with controlling their emotional intensity and Scorpio helping Capricon with allowing themselves to feel more.

They were meant to meet each other and help each other. Venus in Scorpio combined with Venus in Aquarius in any kind of relationship also leads to this, so yet another point helping them at being so close even though they can be so different.

I was wondering if perhaps any of you would be willing to purchase any of my readings? To help me out?

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I also offer build a spread, where you tell me your question, or issue and tell me how many cards you want pulled, each card is worth a dollar. Once again, thank you so much for your appreciation, i really do acknowledge and cherish those who follow me! As requested, here follows my analysis of these two and their relationship. Many compare it to the descendant and it is always located between the 5th and 8th house of your chart.

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It is connected to fated and karmic encounters and mostly used in synastry. But it also tells you about your destiny and what you are meant to learn in this lifetime! It shows you skills that you need to master in order to acheive your purpose and some say that it talks about connecting to your higher self. Yes, I know that it may sound great. Meeting a fated person and having a wish fulfillment, what could go wrong?

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Many times wishes also manifest in a completely unexpected way and teach you an important lesson. We need to look at all the aspects and transits and take into consideration everything thats happening in the chart, especially in synastry. I include Vertex in my synastry readings and predictive transit readings, so if you are interested in getting one, check this post! If you want me to include Vertex in your personal natal chart reading, let me know and I can definitely do that as well! Hello babes! If you have any questions please refer to my FAQ. Originally posted by major-infires.

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Conjunctions Here two planetary energies express themselves in the same way unless its an out of sign conjunction.