Cancer love compatibility with other signs

Cancer — our zodiac tragic when it comes to flirting is totally steamrolled and literally cornered.

They bluster, blush and perspire — in buckets. They are very deep and connected, and morph into each other — expect conversions to vegetarianism, Kabala and self-help gurus.

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These signs do have periods of going off the grid which is good because they are pretty nauseating in public. Cancer provides creative Pisces with a more refined set of aesthetics and burns the s parachute pants.

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Pisces brings a sense of play and fun to the relationship. Toned down rather than turned off is the best they can hope for. Clear communication and reassurance from Pisces is necessary to keep the relationship on an even keel and Taurus should try not to be too clingy and over-protective to avoid Pisces turning flirting into action.

Cancer in Love – Horoscope Sign Compatibility

Cancer pushes back — they know the fish is impulsive and request time to makes sure cohabitation is more than a whim. The crab must be patient and not allow Pisces to self-sabotage. Pisces views sex as a spiritual earthquake and Cancer considers it the ultimate form of intimacy. They both give a lot and get a lot from the experience — the only thing stopping them from becoming sex junkies is Pisces yoga retreats where celibacy is practiced. Cancer is a cardinal zodiac sign , meaning they like to initiate and make preparations for love making — buying negligees and edible body paint, circling the calendar.

Easily overwhelmed is one way to look at it.

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Two Cancers make for a loyal pair, definitely marriage material since security is at the top of the list. When they've started on the domestic path together, the defenses start to come down, and all energy goes into creating a cozy home. They're ambitious cardinal signs , and this also is channeled back into the family empire.

Cancer Zodiac Compatibility With the Signs- Explained

They share a love of history, family ties, especially Mother, affection, food and having an intimate, private, soulful romance. Two Cancers are over the Moon to raise a family, for the sense of intimate belonging it brings. I met him three years ago, and it felt like we knew each other before.

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We went on our separate ways and met again randomly, ever since the natural connection bounded us like glue. We are not boyfriend and girlfriend yet, but I would not change anything about it right now. He knows how to pull me back from my moodiness and his presence completes me. We are alike yet slightly different, and I know that we both like each other dearly. We will take it day by day and be simply happy and loved by one another.

Cancer compatibility

The best feeling ever. Updated February 22, Unless their emotional tsunamis destroy what they've created, this is a sure thing. Upside: A slow build to emotional trust; share a need to retreat; family-oriented; lovers of history and the past; able to build support networks; some wisdom with finances. Downside: Two drowning people clinging to one another; erratic moods; no boundaries; challenges seeing relationship issues objectively. Element and Quality: Cardinal high impact, initiating and Water driven by feelings.

Cancer & Taurus

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