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Dec 10, PM. Dec 12, PM. Dec 15, AM. Dec 17, AM. Dec 19, AM. Dec 21, PM. Dec 23, PM. Dec 25, PM. Before changing goals personal or professional by impulse, take time to reflect on your needs and desires. Analysis of the financial situation. Strategic planning aimed at achieving financial stability or solvency. Do not neglect the self-esteem; your value is not limited to material possessions. A reinvention of the self. Personal growth and expansion as the main objectives.

The inner and spiritual world as an inexhaustible source of learning. Overcoming old beliefs and blockages associated with childhood and previous existences. Choose quality, rather than quantity. Do not try to expand your social circle to infinity, devote time to people who are valuable to you, for one reason or another friendship, profession, learning, humanitarian causes. The second solar eclipse , is the third event of its kind that will happen in the year, previously there will be an eclipse of the Sun in Capricorn and another of the Full Moon in Leo , during the month of January.

It is worth noting the connection of this event, with the eclipse of Sun in Cancer that occurred on July 12, The difference between the two events is that the first was a partial eclipse, while this will be a total eclipse.

July 12222 Eclipses in Astrology

With a total eclipse of the Sun in Cancer, there is no time for half measures or leaving things halfway, it is a matter of working in depth all the energies that are available, waiting to be taken advantage of. Opportunities in real estate business. Approach to the family group of origin. Projects in the home.

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Focus on issues of domestic life improve spaces, change of residence or service providers. Recognition by presentation or publication. Trips to nearby destinations stimulate creativity. Invest time in expanding your network of contacts, online internet and offline community, colleagues, and friends. Analysis of the management of own resources, and the possibility of increasing the profit margin. Do not lower your personal value. Personal improvement. Change of image or wardrobe. Do not assume the comments of others as something personal, you own your dreams and destiny. Past situations that cast a shadow over the present.

You may repress an action or thought for fear of repeating a pattern. Disregard these considerations, and remember that you are now a different person, with a different level of consciousness.

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The relationship with friends and colleagues will play a determining role in the development of the objectives you have set yourself, both at the conceptualization level, as well as in execution and promotion. Interest in causes of massive impact.

Increase in the pace of work. Recognition for professional performance. Proposals for promotion transfer to another department or assignment of new responsibilities.


Your dedication has not gone unnoticed. Not only does Pluto turn direct, he also trines Juno and forms the most important aspect in the Aries Full Moon. Also potent: a wild card Jupiter-Uranus sesquare and lots of aspect patterns! Because it forms a Grand Stellium with all five personal planets! This gives the second half of August a Vibrantly Virgo Vibe, perfect for serving others, health, and detail work.

Not only that, all these Virgo personal planets help create powerful T-squares and Mystic Rectangles at the end of the month. These aspect patterns are great for spiritual awakening, inspired creativity, Law of Attraction manifestation and much more!

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Jupiter turns direct and Uranus turns retrograde in the first half of August.