Mercury sign compatibility astrology

As planet Mercury transits through Libra, you may feel surrounded by the superficial, becoming even more aware than usual of the difference between what people say and what they really mean or are really feeling. The energies of Mercury in Libra can calm the intensity of your feelings, Scorpio, helping you to take an objective view focused on empathy for others and also for yourself. Talking or writing about your deepest self is well aspected during this time and your experience may prove meaningful to others too. With the astrological energy of Mercury in Libra, the people around you are likely to be expanding your horizons, Sagittarius.

They might be teaching you something new or learning from you, or you may even be traveling together. Either way, it's the people rather than the ideas which are most important at this time, and the interaction between you will help you to learn about yourself as well as about the world around you. Whatever you are doing, focusing on expressing your highest truth is a good approach under this transit.

From your hard working, practical perspective, Capricorn, Mercury in Libra may seem like an idealist sitting in an ivory tower, disconnected from the realities of the world. Any communication issues you have during this transit are likely to have this perception at their root. You may feel frustrated by people around you who know all the theory but don't seem capable of getting the job done.

Sun enters Scorpio

However, Mercury in Libra also brings powerful strategic thinking and an ability to be objective which you may find helpful. Your love of justice and strong urge to follow your ideals, Aquarius, are highlighted under the planetary energy of Mercury in Libra.

Defining Compatibility From an Astrological Point of View

You share a love of the abstract and are likely to be celebrating ideas and theories for their own sake. Like you, Mercury in Libra is happy in an ivory tower, indulging their curiosity and following where it leads. Don't lose sight of the important of people and making genuine connections during this time. After all you can learn just as much from people as from books, if not more!

Mercury Sign – Mercury Sign Meaning – Vedic Astrology

You may not feel strongly connected to Mercury in Libra, Pisces, seeing it as abstract and detached, the intellectual, objective counterpoint to your emotional, subjective approach to life. However, Mercury in Libra is good for your Sun sign at understanding people and can help you to express your subjective, karmic and emotional experiences in a way that others find meaningful. You share an ability to empathize with others and understand what they are going through, even if you are arriving at that understanding in different ways.

Learn the secrets the Universe mapped out for you at the moment of your birth.

Your Sign and the Transit

YouTube Videos Astrology Readings. Mercury in Astrology shows us the things we are most likely to be thinking about, the ideas which define our world. Mercury is in our natal chart and by transit, shows us where our minds are going and how they are getting there. It shows us what we are talking about, indeed whether we are talking at all or keeping our ideas to ourselves, or whether we are expressing ourselves without words.

Mercury moves fast through the heavens, reflecting the speed at which our minds work and the rapid connections we make all the time without even realizing it. You have to hear about this new idea! Make a binder with step-by-step instructions for how to do essential tasks, operate all the equipment, etc. Put important contact information and logins there.

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Having it all in one place will make your efficient Mercury swoon. From yoga to short walks to regular workouts, exercise can keep you balanced. Make work into a game to keep yourself motivated.

SEXUAL COMPATIBILITY IN ASTROLOGY - Planets & Placements - Hannah's Elsewhere

The bigger and bling-ier the prizes, the better! Dodge drama. Watch where you direct your attention, as you can get pulled into soap operas that suck your time and energy. Set up your space with all your materials, tools, books, etc. In a give-and-take or back-and-forth discussion. Productivity Tips: Tune out distractions—laserbeam Scorpio needs to focus, so carve out a sacred space where you can work uninterrupted Find other obsessive people to work around. Because you dive in so deep, you can get isolated.

Having productive energy in your space keeps you flowing and motivated.


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