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The platform is an essential feature for any psychic site.

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You need to be able to navigate and find the important features you need easily, and you need it to be secure. While the basic levels of security seem to be addressed with the Patrick Arundell Astrology site, we are not sure about the rest. While we appreciate that the blog is well-maintained and up to date and that there is a world of information on the site, it would be much better if there were slightly less information and a lot more structure.

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We suggest that you contact Patrick directly if you have an issue and hope he will guide you through any issues you may have. Terms and conditions are important, and Patrick should be providing them so that you know where you stand when you use his services. He also does not include delivery times for his products that we could find. Nor does he give information about how his psychics are screened or even how he sources them.

There is, however, a lot wrong with not telling your customers what they are buying into. This could be such a good astrology site. If only the navigation, layout, and design were slick and if the services or advertisements were clear, coherent and did not overlap. But there are so many reputable, high-security, verified psychic sites out there that are easy to use.

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This makes it easy to contact their psychics and it protects you as you go. Click the links and follow the instructions to book your reading now. Psychic Source — Low priced readings right now! Home psychic patrick arundell astrology.

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Visit Site. Astrology Readings Tarot Readings Psychic readings. Patrick Arundell Astrology. Owned by: Patrick Arundel.

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Pros and Cons Lots of interesting information on the site Low cost psychics Astrology reports Phone, text and video chat facility Satisfaction guarantee. Choose a psychic who stands out to you. Create an account, quick and easy.

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Venus enters Sagittarius

The pages are updated once a month to provide the most current and up-to-date links. Events might push you to look key issues in the eye and choose, which may not be easy. Still, with lovely Venus entering your sign, you could be more inclined to reach out for advice.

A reduced schedule at the weekend can ease the effects of a feisty Full Moon.

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  6. You are moving through a quieter phase, with the opportunity to find closure on issues that may be holding you back. Do give yourself a reduced schedule around the week two Full Moon, as you'll benefit from a chance to recharge.

    With your sign in focus and a New Moon on October 27th, you'll be in your element, making this a good time to nurture plans and key bonds Scorpio. Venus may have gone through a retrograde in your sign in October last year Scorpio, which saw you thinking very carefully about what you wanted from your relationships. But as dawns, she angles brilliantly to your modern ruler of Pluto, suggesting that you can be particularly passionate and persuasive when it comes to the things you believe in or a close relationship.

    With Jupiter, the planet of growth, emphasizing your resources, and the North Node pushing you to be more expansive and open to new ideas, even though Saturn and Pluto continue in a strident area, they will serve to help you to distil the ideas and thoughts that are really meaningful.