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Iris yana enriquez July 20th, Feeling like if im falling aparte and broken hearted and lonely and insecure about myself Like 0. Megi July 28th, Dogbera Clinton Luckyboy June 28th, Ahmad May 7th, Stanley May 3rd, Am a scorpio and all around me is a scorpio Like 0. Athena April 17th, What does it mean.

Scorpio Daily Love Horoscope for Today

Dontrill April 21st, July 28 Like 0. Jaime garza April 4th, Will she call today Like 0. Kartik April 2nd, Hey m preparing for civil services , so Wat are my chances of being selected in ias exam? Brittany shanahan March 25th, Mahipal Jain March 24th, I wanted to know if I will ever have a married life and settle down even in business…I would be very grateful if you throw a light on my coming future so that I can be prepared for the worst or good…Eagerly waiting for your reply Like 0.

Lana March 18th, Iwill I find a friend, a partner, a love and a lover Like 0. Lisa March 14th, Hello can I ever get this life to unblock my badluck and no money spell on me from my past life? Kishore Kumar March 12th, Gee this is unbelievable Like 0.

Love Horoscopes

JR September 17th, Scorpio95 September 28th, ConfusedScorpioWomen wats up Like 1. All that, the ball of wax, even the farm!!! Blind,,, all in. ConfusedScorpioWomen March 6th, Karen August 21st, Can I help out?

Like 1. T Like 0. FINE Like 0. Wow Capricorn MEN are something! I have a? Boy you feel this crap is crazy Like 0. Isis September 9th, Ups n downs with Gemini man!!!! Is it ever sincere or just a game? When will I get a new and great job, or do I stay in my current job?

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How I post my daily horoscope to my facebook Like 0. LA Acker April 6th, Shirany Hassan Thaufeeq March 16th, Sabelo October 26th, Maitree September 19th, I am a single male who have a sex addiction can someone please help me. I am a boy who is passionately in love with a girl Like 0.

I am single lady trying to fine a good man one that works and would only love me as his lady so help me if you can free Like 0. Leave a reply Click here to cancel the reply Your email address will not be published. Weekly Horoscopes Overview Love Money. Monthly Horoscopes Overview Love Money. Sign up for free.

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Wow — what a line up! Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars in Virgo by the end of the week — we have to focus, define, choose and analyse exactly where we stand and why we are there.

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