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An ancient form of astrology practised in southern India, Nadi Astrology is based on the belief that the past, present and the future lives of all humans were foreseen and recorded on palm leaves by Hindu sages in ancient time. Read Post a comment. Characters Remaining: Continue without login. Login from existing account Facebook Google Email. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. All Comments Your Activity. We have sent you a verification email. To verify, just follow the link in the message. Thousands of wise and independent women healers and herbalists were burnt at the stake by the church during the post-Classical Dark Ages.

In strict Islamic nations today, women are not even allowed to drive cars, go to the market unaccompanied by a man, or strive for an education.

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Throughout the radically patriarchal Islamic world, it is inconceivable that a woman could ever seek to become an imam, or a religious leader of any sort. It has only been in the latter third of the twentieth century that a reemergence of the feminine has slowly begun to take place in European and American societies, and to a very limited degree in some Western religions specifically Reform Judaism and liberal Protestant denominations.

Thus the more masculine qualities of aggression, competitiveness, authoritarian control, and distrust have shaped the collective psyche of the Western world. Recognizing the terrible price that this gaping deficiency has wrought upon the world in the forms of war, terrorism, the environmental crisis, and the exploitation of women and children, many present day women thinkers are openly calling for a reclaiming of feminine spiritual values in many different sectors of life.

By recognizing the sacred nature of women as personifications of the feminine aspect of Divinity, and by seeing the Earth, not as a lifeless object, there solely for our exploitation, but rather as the living personality of our common Mother known in Sanskrit as Bhudevi , we can end much of the needless violence and suffering brought about by denying the feminine in our culture. Agreeing with this assessment, Vandana Shiva has written: The violence to nature as symptomatized by the ecological crisis, and the violence to women, as symptomitized by their subjugation and exploitation, arise from this subjugation of the feminine principle.

Shiva, Ultimately, the ecological, civilizational, and social crises the Earth is currently facing; the need of a greater role for women in positions of religious authority in society; and the much needed re-emergence of the principle of Shakti in the Abrahamic religions, are all one and the same concern. In the metaphysical concept of Shakti, we find a spiritually based philosophical framework in which many practical concerns can be both understood and powerfully addressed.

In a crystal-clear display of the ancient concept of Shakti coming full circle to occupy the center stage of current social and intellectual debate, it has finally been recognized that the feminine aspect of the very Divinity Him Her self has been too long neglected. In the works of such people as Matthew Fox and Vicki Noble, we are now witnessing a call for the reemergence of the concept of the sacred feminine power of God - of Shakti. Conclusion These more recent developments in the West, as well as their origin in the long and positive history of the concept of Shakti in Sanatana Dharma, have shown us that the idea of a sacred feminine power originating from Divinity and, therefore, necessarily inherent in all things, is a very relevant subject for further exploration.

This is true both on a social, as well as on a very personal, spiritual level. While arising from the ancient and esoteric depths of the philosophy and sacred stories divya-katha of Sanatana Dharma, the Shakti Principle is actually a force that has the ability to affect all human culture: politically, socially, and at the deepest levels of our consciousness.

Today, much of humanity is again beginning to hear the loving whispers of our Divine Mother call out to us from within the deepest core of our collective being; from the teachings of the world's most ancient religious tradition: Sanatana Dharma; and from the very depths of the Earth Herself. Shakti-devi is ready and eager to re-embrace us and bring us back to both a personal and a cultural state of well-being - if we will only allow Her to do so.

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Sinha Publishing House: Calcutta, Stone, Merlin. Ancient Mirrors of Womanhood, Vol. Sundar Raj, M. Vijnanananda, Swami. The Srimad Devi Bhagavatam. Sudhindra Nath Vasu: Allahabad, SriKrishna is blue because He is knowledgeable, because He is infinite like sea and sky, He is unfathomable like sea and sky.

One of the reasons that liquor is discouraged in Hinduism is the emphasis on control of sense organs. Every school of thought in Hinduism asposes control of sense organs for spiritual upliftment. After drinking one loses control over the sense organs.

A person can lose all discrimination thinking capacity which may lead him to commit crimes and other immoral acts. Though in modern life it is difficult to avoid drinking altogather. Best would be to limit it to exceptiona social gatherings. I heard somebody caught up in a Russian social gathering bribed waitor to put water instead of multiple rounds of vodka. Advantage of color. Women as Purohita - priests The concept of a female priest is not a new one. Nutan Vimal Motilal is also a practising priest and points out that women priests were written about in the sacred Vedic texts.

Hindu temples have also requisitioned women. Both Sunitee Gadgil, who has been practising for 10 years, and Nutan Vimal Motilal, who has been practising for two, say they have never had a negative experience. With an increasing number of men of religion taking up other more lucrative vocations, women are now stepping into the gap to actually outnumber male priests in Maharashtra.

Manjul, a research scholar and chief librarian at Pune's Bhandarkar Oriental Re. Manjul, "we come across female scholars like Ghosha, Lopamudra, Romasha and Indrani. In the Upanishadic period, names of women philosophers like Sulabha, Maitreyi, Gargi are encountered. Swami Vivekananda once said that a religion which cannot wipe tears of a widow and destitute woman cannot be my religion. Every widow has legal right to get married.

Scriptures were written thousands of years before when women were dependent upon men and socio economic situation was different. One should ask question to to oneself that if own sister is widowed due to some reason then what would be his suggestion. Wouldn't he wan't his sister to get married? Similarly, if a women is married to an asura, a drunkard, drug addict, or a criminal by fraudulent means then ofcourse she has a right to divorce. Doesn't matter what scriptures say. May be when scriptures were written every man was a holy saint.

But in kaliyuga it is difficult to distinguish between some men and beast. If a man can remarry so can a woman. Soul is same in a man or a woman. God appears before those who are worthy of seeing Him. Hi has a shape and He doesn't have a shape.

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We are all atomic particles for divine Him. There fore we need to follow the path of Dharma. If you need Him and love Hime He will present thyself. Jai Shri Krishna. Read previous posts with newspapers link of Reincarnations in India. There is enough proof of that. Some reading material: Reincarnation From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Reincarnation, as a doctrine or mystical belief, holds the notion that one's 'Spirit' 'Soul' depending on interpretation , 'Higher or True Self', 'Divine Spark', 'I' or 'Ego' not to be confused with the ego as defined by psychology or critical parts of these returns to the material world after physical death to be reborn in a new body.

The natural process is considered integrative of all experiences from each lifetime. A new personality feature, with the associated character, is developed during each life in the physical world, based upon past integrated experience and new acquired experiences.

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Some Reincarnation theories express that usually rebirth is made each time in alternated female and male type of bodies. Also that there is interaction between predeterminism of certain experiences or lessons intended to happen during the physical life, and the free-will action of the individual as they live that life. Rmeber what Krishna said in Bhagawata Gita: Whenever and wherever there is decline of Dharma and Dharmic people are tortured, I descend myself in age after age.

It is prerogative to decide when He wants to come. In Kaliyuga, it is best to dharmic path and remembering Him all encompassing divine SriKrishna. Sri Krishna's Color? Sri Rama is considered to be fair complexioned. Sri Vishnu Himself is considered to be having deep blue color. Hence many of His incarnation also have blue color. He is considerd to be residing in Kshirasagar ocean also of blue color. The color of Sky is also blue. In Bhagawata Gita, when Sri Krishna showed his complete Swarupa which encompassed everything which included the whole universe.

MAy be it is symbolic of whole of universe. Everything emanates from Him and ultimately goes back un to Him. Appearance of Lord in various colors shows that for Him skin color doesn't matter. Jingoists Dravidians like Shivite note that there is no color basis discrimination in India. Amma On the morning of the 27th of September , in a small poor fishing village, Parayakadavu in the Quilon district of Kerala, a baby girl was born.

Her parents gave her the name Sudhamani. She came into this world not in tears as babies usually do, but with a beaming smile on her face, as if prophesying the joy and bliss she was to bring to the world. Sudhamani spent the years of her childhood and teens immersed in intense spiritual practices in order to present a living example for the world. Even as a small child, she could often be found absorbed in deep meditation, totally oblivious of her surroundings.

By the age of five, she had already begun composing devotional songs laden with deep mystical insight. Another quality that was clearly manifest in Sudhamani from this tender age was her love and compassion toward her fellow human beings. Though only a child, Sudhamani did whatever she could to ease the suffering of her elderly neighbors.


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She washed their clothes, bathed them and even brought them food and clothing from her own home. However, no amount physical abuse or punishment could stop the expression of her inborn compassion. She later said, " An unbroken stream of Love flows from me towards all beings in the cosmos. That is my inborn nature. She has earned international recognition for her outstanding contributions to the world community. She is recognized as an extraordinary spiritual leader by the United Nations and by the people all over the world. Though Amma makes no claims herself, those who watch her closely notice that she is the greatest example of her teaching.

Her disciples and believers imbibe her teachings by just watching her. For the past 30 years Amma has dedicated her life to the uplifting of suffering humanity through the simplest of gestures — an embrace. In this intimate manner Amma had blessed and consoled more than 21 million people throughout the world.

Once a press reporter asked Amma how was it possible for her to embrace each and every one in the same loving way, even if they were diseased or unpleasant. Similarly Amma sees the same Supreme Self in each and every one. God's love in a human body. Without hesitation she said, "No, I am here to help you realize your Chosen Ideal. She was the embodiment of purity. Her mind was never sullied by the faintest breath of worldliness, though she lived with Sri Ramakrishna for the greater part of fourteen years. She never missed communion with God, whom she described as lying in the palm of her hand, though she was engaged day and night in various activities.

With her disciples she served as teacher, dissolving their doubts, as mother, who through love and compassion won their hearts, and as the Divinity, who assured them of liberation. Herself nearly illiterate, through simple words she taught them the most profound truths. Her affectionate maternal love tamed their rebellious spirits; but her great power lay in her solicitude for all.

Often she said, "I am the Mother, who will look after them if not I? For many years Sri Ramakrishna practiced great austerities and formally renounced the world, but Holy Mother lived as a simple householder, surrounded by quarrelsome and greedy relatives. As a teacher she taught the realization of God alone is real, and everything else, impermanent.

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The human body so treasured by most people, survives cremations as only three pounds of ashes. Holy Mother -- humility itself -- claimed that she was in no way different from other devotees of the Master. Her disciples felt awed and uplifted when she blessed them by touching their head with the same hand which had touched the feet of God. She was fully aware of her disciples' present limitations and their future possibilities. No one went away from her with a downcast heart. Holy Mother possessed all these virtues. Since the acquisition of such gifts is the dream of all women, Holy Mother may aptly be seen as the symbol of aspiration of women everywhere.

Why so much discrimination against women? She went to London for her higher studies. She held many distinguished positions in public life. She will however be more remembered for her contributions towards growth of handicrafts and folk arts in the country. She was the recipient of many awards including Padma Vibhushan. She died on She was married to Ramani Mohan Chakravarthy who later became her devotee. She did not have any formal education. From her very childhood she was spiritually inclined and she remained immersed in herself all the time.

She travelled extensively preaching love, compassion and self discipline. She established Ashrams charitable institutions and hospitals everywhere. She breathed her last on 27th Aug. Her husband Shahaji Bhosle was in the service of Ahmednagar kingdom. Jijabai's life is an example of how a mother can transform the lives of individuals, society and even a nation. Jijabai narrated stories of bravery to her son Shivaji and gave him training in martial arts and equipped him for the role he was to play in the years to come.

Shivaji's bravery skill and exploits were the direct result of the training he received from his mother Jijabai and she remained the silent source of strength inspiration and power behind him. Women's education, liberating women from the cultural patterns of the male dominated society, widow remarriages, removal of untouchability became a mission of life for her. In she opened a school for untouchable girls.

In she welcomed untouchables to take water from her well. In she adopted a son of a widow. Hers was a life of struggle against the evils of society she died on She met Swami Vivekananda in London in and became his disciple. I had visited above Nadi center in Pune in and found them to be very accurate about the future predictions happened in , and !

Can you please share your experience with them?

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I have visited them in Jan Can you please share your feedback? No in tamilnadu … parents will name their child in pre consultation with astrology … everything is like a puzzle … everything is related and recorded … great method by our tamil scientists in ancient history … and other things will fit common for all …. I beg to differ. Not all Nadi Jyotish Kendras are filled with frauds. A couple of my close friends have gone to Tanjavur and gotten their readings done.

It was absolutely authentic. However, the authentic ones are few and far between. Today, I had the misfortune of meeting with a large group of phonies. Murugesan seems to be the kingpin of this scam. His name is printed all over the place and all their stationary, This particular brand has several offices all over Mumbai. To begin with, these charlatans made us write our DOBs and names as we gave our thumb impression. We being first timers and not knowing the procedure properly went ahead and gave them this information.


He frightened the living day lights out of me and my mother predicting a very dismal future for me. It was only after leaving that place I began feeling rather dumb and decided to do some research, when I found that we — my mother and I — were cheated big time! They are complete charlatans.